Final update of 2020

I hope this final update of 2020 finds you all keeping safe and well.  

The introduction of a further tier in London and the South East along with travel restrictions did see the UK markets open up lower on Monday morning as to be expected.

This was further compounded by the ongoing deadlock with Brexit negotiations, truly going to the wire now.

The US agreeing a stimulus package (finally) was great news and further vaccine roll outs will certainly give some further short term hope.

The markets bounced back on Tuesday and this was very under reported in the mainstream media, as normal. As I write this now the markets have opened a little flat so very little else to report just now.

The treat of more of the UK being placed into Tier 4 seems to be a real one now with a more prevalent virus strain. With our offices being in Tier 3 already this will be a little change for us overall and if a move back to home working is required then we are all set for this anyway.  

As you will have seen so far this year our service and commitment to support you in any way, we can, and this will not change no matter what tier we are in.

2020 has certainly been a changeling year on all fronts where we have seen many areas of established business become extremely weak in the blink of an eye. The move toward a more digital world and the ability to trade in any form online was the real winner over the last 12 months.

I’m sure you will all agree this will be the path forward as the digital world takes a stronger hold on all areas of our lives with home delivery being a massive winner.

The top 5 Google searches for delivery in the UK for 2020 are currently:

1, Afternoon Tea

2, Wine

3, Compost

4, Milk

5, Fruit and Vegetables

This list did make me smile seeing as I was expecting wine to be top and afternoon tea was one, I didn’t expect.  Home shopping and delivery will become a larger part of our economy and the last mile delivery sector as a whole is expanding a massive rate.

During 2020 things did very much seem that there was no way out of this but as time has moved forward, we can see there is light and the year in isolation may not be as bad as we all first thought on the investment front.

We of course want a Santa rally in the markets to close the year out on a high and traditionally we have seen this between Christmas and New Year. We of course can’t guarantee this will happen but once the year is settled and closed, we will report back.

In January we will be in contact with a review of your own portfolio approach over the last 3 calendar years to give us all some perspective. A calendar year is to be used to provide a fair set time period so we can have some set reporting points.

This time each year we see the asset manager industry as whole make predictions for the coming year and what the tends and the areas of growth will be.

By about April each year if not before most of these haven’t or will not happen.

Gladly I will not be making any such predictions or looking to call the direction of a single asset class or market.

The theme for 2021 if there is one, is the same as every other year in my view, be invested, stay diversified and be mindful of where we have come from. In any investment journey sometimes looking back to where we started reminds us just how far we have come.

So with more to come on the markets and the “rear view” update in January, it just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and more importantly healthy New Year.